India Pilgrimage 2013

The Footsteps of the Buddha and Tour of Northern India

Delhi • Bodhgaya • Varanasi • Sarnath • Kushinagar • Dehra Dun • Rishikesh • Haridwar

Spiritual Program with Lama Gursam: Shamata and vipassana meditation, walking meditation, mahamudra teachings, refuge vows, bodhisattva vows, and White Tara empowerment in Dehra Dun. Audiences with other spiritual masters as possible.

All luxury accommodations and vehicles. Tour limited to 20 pilgrims only. Inclusive of all spiritual programs, twin sharing accommodations, and train / bus / flight transfers within India. 1820 USD (Single supplement accommodation also available upon request)

Daily Pilgrimage Itinerary

Day 1 (Feb 23) ~ Evening arrival in Delhi and transfer to hotel in Old Delhi

Day 2 (Feb 24) ~ Tour of Delhi: India Gate Rajpath and the Majestic Red Fort (UNESCO heritage sight of Old Delhi) and temple Tibetan settlement. Fine Dining in New Delhi

Day 3 (Feb 25) ~ Flight to Bodhgaya and transfer to Hotel Dharmakirti

Day 4 (Feb 26) ~ Tour of Bodhgaya, the place of Lord Shakyamuni's enlightenment and Mahaboudha Stupa

Day 5 (Feb 27) ~ Prayers, Meditation and teachings under the historic Bodhi tree

Day 6 (Feb 28) ~ Day trip to Rajgrir, Vultures Peak and the historic Nalanda University

Day 7 (Mar 1) ~ Individual Practice under the Bodhi tree

Day 8 (Mar 2) ~ Early morning departure to Sarnath. Tour of the place where Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths and the Tibetan University of Higher Studies. Transfer to hotel in Varasansi

Day 9 (Mar 3) ~ Ganges early morning boat ride and ghats. Practice upon the banks of the Ganges. Tour of temples and evening Fire Puja ceremony

Day 10 (Mar 4) ~ Arrive in Kushinagar and visit the sight of the Buddha's Parinirvana

Day 12 (Mar 6) ~ Arrive in Dehra Dun, transfer to Clementown Tibetan Settlement at the Stupa of Buddha's Descent

Day 13 (Mar 7) ~ Tour of Drikung Kagyu Monastery and Library, Sahastra Dhara River, Dekyi Ling Tibetan Settlement, Sakya Trizin's Monastery

Day 14 (Mar 8) ~ Depart in morning to Rishikesh to attend evening Fire Puja

Day 15 (Mar 9) ~ Practice on the Ganges in the high Himalayas (option for yoga class or to travel to Haridwar for a day trip)

Day 16 (Mar 10) ~ Depart in AM to Delhi for evening flight departure or transfer to hotel


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